Astoria is Builders & Partners’ co-development company.

Astoria’s role includes sourcing and acquiring land for development, adding value to assets and finding end-users, all for the benefit of clients who are developers and/or investors. Astoria achieves its aims by adeptly combining the group’s in-house skills in terms of managing projects (project structuring, programming, overall management), conducting feasibility studies, taking on the role of site manager – engineering, quantity surveying – and assuming the role of construction manager. The digital tools used by the project teams guarantee the efficiency of the whole integrated process, enabling us to adopt a systematic approach and optimising our ability to help you take those vital decisions. This means we can provide you with the best possible analysis of the potential of the assets under examination and limit/manage any technical, financial or commercial risks linked to your project.

Astoria’s approach is to provide the group’s clients with sound foundations for their projects, by acting as the driving force for establishing a healthy basis for joint reflection and the sharing of ideas/information. Our aim is to ensure the products we come up with create the most value, in line with the strategy of the stakeholders concerned.

In the operational phase, Astoria can, depending on the priorities of its clients and partners, bring into play its project management and/or site management skills, according to the responsibilities specifically defined to meet the requirements of each individual project.

Astoria can also provide as little or as much assistance with project financing as required by the stakeholders, showing just how commited the Builders & Partners group is to meeting the needs of its clients and partners.