Looking after the resources at our disposal presents one of the most challenging issues in the world today.

We work on targeted assignments involving design and engineering and the provision of assistance to Owners, in the course which, in synergy with the different professions present in the Group, the teams in the Energy Department have developed unique expertise which combine skilled management of energy savings, renewable energy production and system efficiency, all without compromising comfort of use for end-users.


  • Energy engineering
  • Carbon balance and life cycle assessment
  • Studies of positive energy districts and buildings
  • Urban energy sharing and heat island assessments
  • Renewable heating networks
  • Project design and management for energy production systems
  • Dynamic thermal simulation and digital simulation
  • Thermal and visual comfort studies
  • Indoor and outdoor CFD air flow assessments
  • Building energy performance management via energy assessments
  • Energy performance commitments
  • Checking and measurement plans
  • Energy-saving programmes in existing buildings
  • Étude de performance énergétique
  • Étude d’optimisation énergétique / confort / GES
  • Étude confort thermique
  • Étude confort visuel
  • Étude bioclimatique urbain
  • Étude d’impacts thermique et énergétique (conception)
  • Étude thermique réglementaire



Transborder airport

When works were envisaged to renovate the entrances to a transborder airport where airport staff were experiencing discomfort in winter due to draughts, the engineering consultants commissioned a firm of facade engineers and the Builders & Partners Group.

To solve the issue, different technical solutions were designed and costed, and their effectiveness was tested by using FEM (CFD). The analysis served to give a visual illustration of the breakdown of temperatures for each solution.



The investor commissioned the Builders & Partners Group to carry out an energy and greenhouse gas emissions sensitivity analysis to measure and demonstrate the direct impact of energy consumed for heating, air conditioning, lighting. The objective was to target individual or combined solutions to reduce consumption levels. The desire to communicate around potentially low carbon impact fits is pertinent in light of the Paris climate agreement but the move also aligns with future carbon/energy regulations RE 2020 which are due to come into force at some point next year.

What they say

Director, Energy Division

The very survival of the world is at stake, so everyone must share concern for, and adhere to, the issue of energy management. Within the energy division at Builders & Partners, we watch and monitor the techniques and performances of ecodistricts and buildings across the world. We experiment, calculate, confront the best ways to conjugate architecture, a positive user experience, the challenges faced by Owners and the ever-present ambition of reducing our footprint.

Director, Energy Efficiency

With the publication in the JO of the “Methods” Decree on 3 May 2020, the countdown has started to a time when it will be mandatory for commercial buildings with a floor area greater than 1,000 sqm to reduce their energy consumption, with all the inevitable questions that throws up. Which renovation works are essential and how can they be optimised? What measures should be taken to control consumption? What will the impact be on relationships with tenants? How can the global cost of those measures be kept to a minimum and how can they be transformed into sources of appeal and value creation for my assets?
The Builders & Partners group encompasses expertise in real estate consultancy, project management, engineering, environmental matters, energy optimisation and operational monitoring solutions, to guide and assist clients as they develop and implement solution to all these legitimate concerns.

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