With the acquisition of Ide Environnement, the Builders & Partners group strengthened its position, capitalising on 30 years of experience in the field of environmental consultancy.

More significantly, the firm was reinforcing its policy of unconditional synergy and paving the way for the specialists from Ide Environnement to anchor sustainable development at the heart of the wide range of activities in which the Group specialises.



  • Evaluation of public policies. Organisation and implementation of consultations.
  • Environmental assessments of drawings and diagrams
  • Definition of green and blue infrastructure
  • Environmental assessments for urban development projects
  • Sanitation assessments
  • Naturalist expertise. “Protected Species” procedures
  • French Water Act
  • Environmental monitoring and design of construction projects


  • Environmental strategy
  • Certifications (HQE, NF Habitat HQE, Osmoz, E+C-, Effinergie, BREEAM, WELL
  • Environmental assessments (life cycle assessment, carbon balance, etc.)
  • Life cycle engineering


  • Environmental assessments
  • Safety reports.
  • Health risk assessments
  • French Water Act
  • Site and soil assessments
  • Feasibility studies
  • Environmental monitoring and design of construction projects


  • Public service waste management studies
  • Value creation.
  • Planning.
  • Feasibility and programming.
  • Financing analysis reports



The SCoT du Dijonnais (multi-authority urban planning programme)

The public-private body (Syndicat Mixte) responsible for the SCoT du Dijonnais entrusted us with the task of carrying out an environmental assessment in respect of the construction of the urban area’s SCoT. IDE Environnement – Builders & Partners Group provided elected representatives and the Syndicat Mixte du SCoT du Dijonnais with an environmental perspective on the management of the resources at the heart of development policies and the economics involved, together with guidance and assistance in drafting the environmental assessment report.


Environmental impact of HV power line works

Prior to major works and maintenance involving HV power lines in a mountainous area, RTE entrusted IDE Environnement – Builders & Partners Group with a full series of environmental assessments:

  • Inventories of the natural environment over a full biological cycle.
  • Detailed analysis of site entrances to minimise the environmental impact on the area
  • Analysis of the environmental impact of the repair works
  • Environmental monitoring of the worksites



Expert assessment of the natural environment for civil engineering works

In the framework of the project to convert the A61 motorway to three lanes in both directions, Vinci entrusted IDE Environnement-Builders & Partners Group with natural environment assessments over a full biological cycle along the stretch of land impacted by the motorway project.


Construction of Pessac gymnasium 

Construction of a large sporting complex comprising a multi-sports gymnasium, a combat-sports centre (boxing and martial arts facilities), football changing rooms and the municipal technical services centre for the town of Pessac. IDE Environnement – Builders & Partners Group was HQE advisor to the design and engineering team. The Group incorporated the HQETM procedure right from the programming phase, used DTS throughout the design phase and selected building materials on the basis of environmental data.


Installation of organic wine-making process

The Vignoble de la Voie d’Héraclès wanted to equip itself with new generation Bio 4.0 wine-making facilities. IDE Environnement – Builders & Partners Group provided the wine producer with guidance and assistance for the preparation of submissions for IOTA and ICPE environmental authorisations, and with procedures under the French Water Act, then subsequently with adapting the project to take regulatory and environmental issues into consideration whilst overseeing works and approvals. Ultimately: creation of an innovating, more environmentally-friendly and more efficient cellar, boasting a storage capacity of up to 40,000 hL, together with a processing system having 3 evaporation tanks.


Real estate extension works

Plastisud specialises in the design and manufacture of high-precision, high-performance moulds. The company plans to extend its main building and has commissioned IDE Environnement – Builders & Partners Group to provide guidance and assistance with:

  • Expansion of the site’s geographical scope and extension of the industrial building
  • The installation of additional equipment and utilities
  • Natural flooding risks, French Water Act issues, water management and design of the works associated therewith
  • Fire risks, installation of fire walls.



Solar power plant

EDF Renouvelables launched a project to build a solar power plant on the site of the former thermal power plant in Ambès. After conducting inventories of the natural environment and drafting an impact study report, IDE Environnement – Builders & Partners Group provided the project manager with guidance and assistance for the monitoring of environmental aspects in respect of the works (tender phases, overall works scoping, monitoring on a monthly basis and post-works report: final assessment and report on the effectiveness of avoid-mitigate-compensate measures.


French Water Act procedure in relation to the Guillaumet Ecodistrict

Altarea Cogedim and Crédit Agricole Immobilier were at the helm of the urban renovation of the former site of the Aeronautical Test Centre in Jolimont, based on a concept with highly ambitious environmental objectives: the Guillaumet Ecodistrict. The group commissioned IDE Environnement – Builders & Partners Group with undertaking procedures related to the French Water Act, drawing up an inventory detailing the state of the site initially, as a reference scenario, and assessing the impact of the works, assessing the cumulative impact of the health hazards posed by emissions released into the atmosphere by the biomass boiler plant.

What they say

Manager, Industrial Environment Division

Advising our industrial clients is always a pleasure for us as engineers. We revel in the contact with our clients and fellow stakeholders and we take great pleasure in analysing processes and proposing ways of managing risks and environmental issues. Our first industrial project dates from 1987, but we still work tirelessly and continuously to reap the fruits of our industrial culture and incorporate changing practices and the evolving regulatory context.

Manager, Regions and Environment Department

We are fortunate to be able to travel the length and breadth of the regions in France in the course of the assignments entrusted to us. Obviously, we view the places we visit through the trained eyes of urban planning professionals and compilers of environmental assessments on different projects. But for us it is also always a pleasure to meet the stakeholders in the regions, whose commitment commands our respect and who we endeavour to guide and assist in their desire to show their authority/organisation or company in the best light by means of a harmonious development which incorporates the sustainable in the management work they accomplish every day.

Manager, Waste Management Department

When we observe the way waste management has changed over the last 10 years, and we understand the challenges that face us going forward, we draw enormous satisfaction and a great sense of ambition from our profession.  The theme of waste is revealing of the reality in our regions in many respects. That allows us to remain aware and invested in the environmental significance, but also the economic and social importance of waste management. Ensuring those aspects remain at the heart of our assignments is an ambition which can only enhance the standards of quality we aim to achieve in our work.

Manager of the Building and Envionment Division

Since environmental concerns are now at the very core of development and construction procedures, IDE Environnement has devised a comprehensive, cross-disciplinary offering of services which is available to all stakeholders across the sector.
Our team, made up of specialists in multiple areas who are well-versed in managing the environmental aspects of projects, takes a global and cross-disciplinary view, to provide you with guidance and assistance with all your environmental procedures (including BDO, BDM, BDF*) and certification procedures, both French (HQE, NF Habitat HQE, Osmoz, E+C-,Effinergie) and international (BREEAM, WELL, etc.) from development through to operation.
Our references, which are many and varied, bear witness to our ability to bring first-rate environmental, energy and functional dimensions to your project.

* Sustainable buildings in the Mediterranean, Occitanie and Greater Paris regions.

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