The Syndicat des Territoires de l’Est Cantal (SYTEC) is today made up of 3 EPCI (public bodies for intercommunal cooperation) bringing together 105 communes, in addition to 3 Haute Loire communes. The area counts 44,144 inhabitants.
The objective of the assignment was to perform a territorial analysis in anticipation of widening sorting guidelines to include plastic, making it possible to propose different scenarios to the SYTEC for the sorting of packaging waste, to be implemented by 2030, and which take into consideration all parameters, i.e. technical, economic, social and environmental, having an effect on or affected by the desired changes.
This comprehensive study comprises 4 phases:

Phase 1: Review of the current situation, sorting practices, context

  • Analysis of inter-communal administrative and financial organisation
  • Review of the current state of all existing sorting centres
  • On-site identification and mapping of potential locations
  • Identification of buyers and/or superior level sorting centres and planned new facilities
  • Diagnostics of selective collection: flows currently produced and sorted
  • Review of costs and revenues

Phase 2: Moves towards widening the sorting guidelines to include plastic for the area covered by the SYTEC

  • Benchmarking of experience feedback re. the widening of sorting guidelines
  • Benchmarking of processing and sorting process
  • Summary/SWOT analysis on the scale of the area covered by the SYTEC
  • Summary of the project – final report

Phase 3: Development of potential scenarios

  • Potential for sources of selective collection
  • Construction and proposal of scenarios
  • Summary study of options for the conversion of the sorting centre
  • Assistance with the choice of scenarios to study in Phase 4/Help with taking a decision

Phase 4: Development of the scenarios for improvements to the sorting centre in Les Cramades

  • Study of the scenarios
  • Development and analysis of the impacts of each scenario
  • Comparative analysis of the scenarios
  • Road map/timeline/schedule
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